FOI, Privacy Notice, Financials, & Charging Policy


Financial Information

Beckley School does not have any employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

Educational Visits and Charging Policy

All children have the opportunity to take part in educational visits at various times of the year. The visits are an integral part of the curriculum, therefore all children are required to take part. The older juniors have the opportunity to go on a residential trip which is beneficial both educationally and socially. The Education Reform Act requires that no charges be made for activities taking place wholly or mainly in school time. Therefore we ask for voluntary contributions from parents who are able to afford it.

No child is prevented from taking part because he or she has not made a contribution and the school will cover the cost.  However if not enough parents contribute then the activity may not be able to go ahead.


The school takes out an insurance with Zurich Municipal Insurance Company as advised by Oxfordshire County Council. This covers both day and residential journeys. Details of this insurance can be obtained from the school.

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