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Ongoing assessment in Reading is done by teachers in Key Stages One and Two during Whole Class Reading sessions. All pupils read aloud every day during these sessions, and they are questioned about texts they read so that teachers are able to understand their word-reading and comprehension abilities. Pupils in Years 1 to 6 also take termly PiRA test papers to show their understanding of Reading. 

Pupils in Reception and Key Stage One are assessed on their phonological awareness through Rocket Phonics assessment materials, and they have books matched precisely to their reading ability based on this assessment. 


Writing is assessed in all year groups using teacher judgement. Teachers regularly moderate writing against the age-related standards, within classes and with other year groups. This is done through a number of strands, for example Grammar, Composition or Spelling. Pupils in Years 1 to 6 also participate in 'No More Marking' writing exercises, where their writing is assessed anonymously against other pupils' writing, by a number of teachers across Oxfordshire. 


Maths is assessed through a combination of teacher judgement against the curriculum, ongoing assessment for learning in lessons, and summative testing. Pupils in Years 1 to 6 take termly PUMA test papers to show their knowledge of concepts taught in Maths that term. This information is closely analysed by the leadership team and teachers, in order to move teaching and learning forward.  

Wider Curriculum

We assess our wider curriculum subjects in a number of ways. We carry out formative assessment, through ongoing questioning, marking and feedback, in all units of all subjects. 

More formally we assess how effectively pupils have learnt the curriculum through Knowledge Organisers and End-of-Unit Quizzes. 

  • Knowledge Organisers: Our Knowledge Organisers are made specifically to match our curriculum. These set out all of the knowledge that pupils will learn over a topic, in each subject. They are stuck in to pupils' books at the start of a topic and referred to throughout the teaching. 
  • End-of-Unit Quizzes: In order to assess how well pupils have retained the knowledge taught to them, and the skills they have learnt, teachers design quizzes which are taken by each pupil, at the end of each unit, in each subject. These quizzes contain only questions based on content from the Knowledge Organiser, so that we can accurately assess how pupils have moved through our curriculum specifically. 

Statuatory Assessments

Our pupils participate in a number of statuatory assessments. 

These are: 

  • Reception - Baseline Assessment - within first six weeks of school
  • Year 1 - Phonics Screening - during the last term of Year 1
  • Year 2 - Key Stage One SATs - across May of Year 2
  • Year 4 - Multiplication Tables Check - during the last term of Year 4
  • Year 6 - Key Stage Two SATs - taken across one week, usually in May of Year 6
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